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Meet the Founders

Noel and Keisha are both wives and mothers born and raised in the heart of Atlanta. We have known each other for almost twenty years and have always shared similar desires to serve and help our community. While employed at the Sheriff's Office we became aware of so many going without food and shelter right here in the city of Atlanta. Petty crimes were being committed due to those individuals not having anywhere else to turn. Throughout the years it has been our pleasure and duty to put together outreaches. Those experiences eventually birthed what is now Healing Hands Mission Pantry. Our heart for the community has grown in a tremendous way. Due to our current crisis, the world is changing and some individuals aren't able to obtain the necessities they need. That is why we are here to sow a seed and spread the love of  Jesus everywhere we go.


Our Mission is to assist the homeless and less fortunate by providing hot meals and other necessities. We visit Atlanta and surrounding cities spreading hope through prayers and donations. Looking ahead, Healing Hands will be a one-stop-shop that accommodates single men, women, and children through personal care and multiple programs. We will support them by providing encouragement, clothing, counseling, job training, and more! Please visit our donate page to learn how you can partner with us today.